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About I Love Lucy's Diamonds & Gold


Over 40 years ago, a single mom named Lucy needed to make ends meet for her family of three boys, thus, I Love Lucy’s Diamonds and Gold was born. However, It wasn’t the 14k gold that can be found in the store showcase today that brought I Love Lucy’s Diamonds and Gold to life, it was trays of silver that would be displayed day after day in showcases in the Commack Flea Market. Each night the trays of silver would be packed up only to be unpacked and displayed again the next day.

As time went on and Lucy became familiar with the jewelry industry and decided to expand her business by bringing beautiful 14 kt yellow and white gold to her customers at the flea market. Andrew, the youngest of Lucy’s 3 boys was the one that took interest in the business and decided to become her bench jeweler by learning the trade and working with Lucy every day while going to school full time.

Today, Lucy is enjoying retirement while Andrew is now the owner of I Love Lucy’s Diamonds and Gold in the Commack Jewelry Exchange. He is now a Master Bench Jeweler, diamond setter and designer. All the beautiful pieces in the jewelry cases are hand-picked by Andrew himself including a wide variety of 14 kt yellow and white gold diamonds as well as precious stone pieces along with various different watches from brands such as Bulova, Citizen, Seiko, Michele Watches and Movado.